Healthy Living: Bathroom Cleaner Recipe that works!

I hate soap scum. That specked film drives me nuts but I don’t have time to scrub my shower top to bottom every day to prevent it! I used to use a heavily scented chemical-filled commercial cleaner that did great for about 24 hours, then needed a good scrubbing again. If you can handle the smell of vinegar, this is a great solution without the give-you-a-headache fumes from other cleaners! Best news? You probably already have the ingredients in your home!

Here is the lineup:


Grab a clean spray bottle, some Dawn (needs to be the blue one!), and vinegar and you are ready to go!

All you need is equal parts blue Dawn and vinegar!

Heat the vinegar til hot (about 30 seconds in the microwave) and pour into the spray bottle. Add Dawn and gently shake. Yes, you are done.

Here is my faucet before cleaning (sorry these pics are so small – trying to figure out what I did wrong…I have them enlarged all the way!)


It soaps up very nice and clings to the surface, which I like.


And here it is after being wiped and rinsed!


This is great for showers, appliances, sinks, and toilets!

Note: If you pour some vinegar in a ziploc bag and tie it over your shower head overnight (or longer, if possible), then take an old toothbrush and go over it with some vinegar, it will clean it out very well and keep your shower from getting buildup as quickly!


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