Saving Money on Baby Food

I just texted BABY4 to 827438 (Target Mobile) and was informed I would get up to 6 text messages a month with deals! My first text message already came and it was 10% off my online baby order! I love getting Ella’s, Plum, & Earth’s Best baby food pouches at Target and their store brand diapers are great too, so I can’t wait to see what other coupons come!

Get up to $329 in free offers from Similac

Get up to $250 in free offers from Enfamil

Get coupons from Beech Nut

A great way to save money on jarred baby food is to make your own purees! There are some awesome baby food makers out there (NUK, Baby Bullet, Beaba, etc.) as well to make your job easier. My second baby is still exploring solids and does NOT like jarred foods, so I have been exploring homemade purees for him to eat. You can make big batches to save time, and it is economical and much healthier!


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