My Favorite Ways to Earn & Save….

Join ShopKick – earn points on your smartphone when you click on offers, check in at stores, scan items, and more! They even have coupons to use in store (I love the Target ones!).

Use Swagbucks to search the web and earn swagbucks to redeem for gift cards and other awesome goodies!
Scan your receipt with your iPad/smartphone and redeem offers to get cash back – who doesn’t love getting paid to shop? Download Ibotta now!
Also download the Endorse app – this app is very similar to the Ibotta app in that you scan your receipt but what I love is that they offer cash back on items that aren’t brand specific like 50% back on any diaper purchase – up to $5.00 back!
Join Smiley360, an online community to share opinions about new products and get tons of free samples and coupons just for sharing your opinion and telling others about it! I have received some really incredible goodies from them in the past two years!

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