How to save money on meat…

In the early days of couponing, my biggest struggle was saving money on meat. It is SO expensive – especially if you buy a higher quality meat than just the tubes of store brand meat. Then, I found out about Zaycon Foods

They tour the country and a couple times a year have drive through pick ups of fresh boneless skinless (never frozen and hormone free) chicken breasts for $1.79/lb, fresh beef (grass fed 93/7 lean) for $3.29/lb, chicken strips, sausage, ham, seafood, etc! These products are sold in bulk – usually in 40 pound cases. This is now my favorite meat and I can’t beat the price, not even with coupons, sales, or at big box stores! 

Zaycon Foods has a LOT of current and upcoming events right now, so sign up and place your order so you don’t miss out! Clear out a spot in your freezer, grab your freezer bags, and enjoy the savings!

Sign up here!


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